Press for Conversion!

Press for Conversion is a journal edited by Richard Sanders and published by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT).

Four issues are exclusively devoted to Canada’s role in Haiti; three of these focus on the role of the Canadian International Development Agency and the non-governmental organizations it funds. CIDA and certain NGOs are partners in the international gang-up against the sovereignty and democratic will of the Haitian people.

To read the issues of Press For Conversion that cover Haiti follow these links:

#63 (November 2008) “Lies without Borders: How CIDA Funded ‘NGOs’ Waged a Propaganda War to Justify Haiti’s 2004 Coup”

#62 (May 2008) “Putting the Aid in Aiding and Abetting: CIDA’s Agents of Regime Change in Haiti’s 2004 Coup”

#61 (September 2007) “CIDA’s Key Role in Haiti’s 2004 Coup : Funding Regime Change, Dictatorship and Human Rights Atrocities, one Haitian ‘NGO’ at a Time”

#60 (March 2007) “A Very Canadian Coup in Haiti: The Top 10 Ways that Canada’s Government helped the 2004 Coup and its Reign of Terror”