2024 REVOLUTION In Haiti Against US Empire! The Full (Hi)Story Of The Uprising with Prof. Jemima Pierre

By Neutrality Studies, March 16, 2024

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In Collective West media, the violence taking place in Haiti is being reported as the symptom of a failed state. This is wrong. Haiti hs been the "laboratory of neo-colonialism" since at least 1915, and this is continuing today. At the moment, the Haitians are again revolting and striving to shake off the yoke of European and American oppressors. Listen to the explanations of Professor D. Jemima Pierre who gives the full (hi)story of Haiti's current struggle.

Dr. Jemima Pierre is a professor at the Social Justice Institute at the University of British Colombia in Vancouver. She is the author of „The Predicament of Blackness: Postcolonial Ghana and the Politics of Race“ Her next book that she is working on currently will be called „Natives, Ethnics, and True Negroes: A Counter-History of Anthropology.“


Posted March 20, 2024