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Kevin Pina's gripping, 66 minute documentary film, Haiti: We Must Kill the Bandits, has been released in late 2010 for general distribution. Consisting of footage and commentary by the filmmaker and interview subjects, it tells the story of the foreign military intervention that overthrew elected government in Haiti in 2004 and then established the military occupation force known as MINUSTAH. Today, MINUSTAH numbers 13,500 soldiers, police and administrative personnel.

September 24, 2010. The Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti has just produced a 48 page report on the conditions of survivors of the January 12 earthquake. Some of its findings are based on a comprehensive survery of 52 families in six internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in the Port au Prince region. The report also outlines the legal and humanitarian obligations of the Haitian government and donor countries and agencies. The report says there are 1.3 million people living in 1,300 makeshift IDP camps in and around Port au Prince .

You can download and read the…

Fault Lines: Views Across Haiti's Divide; by Beverly Bell; Cornell University Press, June 2013 

* Review by Augusta Dwyer, published on, Aug 15, 2013

Tectonic Shifts: Haiti Since the Earthquake, ed. Mark Schuller and Pablo Morales; 288 pages, Kumarian Press, January 2012, $27

* Review by Julie Scherr,…

Wiener Fleurimond (2009), Haïti de la crise a l'occupation, Histoire d'un chaos; Tome 1, La chute d'Aristide, 2000-2004. L'Harmattan. 43.5 Euros chez l'éditeur, 74$ Can chez Rénaud Bray.

Randall Robinson (2007, traduction 2010), Haïti: L'Insupportable soufrance. Editions Ethiopica. 30$ chez Rénaud…

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Press for Conversion is a journal edited by Richard Sanders and published by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT).

Four issues are exclusively devoted to Canada’s role in Haiti; three of these focus on the role of the Canadian International Development Agency and the non-governmental organizations it funds. CIDA and certain NGOs are partners in the international gang-up against the sovereignty and democratic will of the Haitian people.

To read the issues of Press For Conversion that cover Haiti follow these links:


Note: This list is heavily weighted to English language books on Haiti. The French language book list is very short and requires updating. One should always be aware that books and articles on Haiti often gloss over the realities of…