CONATEL threatens to suspend 124 radio stations in Port-au-Prince:

By Hervé Noël, Rezo Nodwes, May 18, 2023

On the sidelines of the World Telecommunications and Information Society Day celebrations, the question of unregulated radio stations was raised at Oasis Hotel during an exchange with CONATEL's director-general. CONATEL is the regulatory body for telecommunications in Haiti

The director-general commented on cases of radio stations operating illegally. The data is suggests there are radio station outside state control. According to engineer Jose Jean-Baptiste, 124 radio stations broadcast on the FM band.

He said a move will be made to regulate the media landscape. The operating authorization jointly issued by the Ministry of the Interior and Communities (MICT) and the Ministry of Public Works and Communication (MTPTC) is mandatory for stations. radio and television.

According to policy, the FM band only has 39 radio stations. CONATEL's director-general explained that while currently 124 are broadcasting on the hertzian bands, causing total disorder.

Jean-Baptiste said the digital migration project is proving to be the ideal option for bringing order and promoting a competition in the media. The intensification of efforts to suspend radio and television stations operating outside the law is now on the agenda.

He recalled closing 5 radio stations that broadcast in Cap-Haitien.


Translated by CHIP editors