Condemning a people to hunger is the worst atrocity.

Hunger is a great threat, a great violence against a people.

By Andre Charlier, Haiti Liberté, April 17, 2024

This is probably the first time in history an incompetent Prime Minister, a lackey of imperialism, has been forbidden to return to "his" country (deyò, deyò nèt!). The Ayisyen people will never cease to amaze...

Naturally, the princes who govern us (by Tweet, unbelievable but true!) took advantage of the situation to come down hard on Barbecue, even accusing him of cannibalism! Everyone knows that Le Nègre Cannibale is a recurring insult in colonial propaganda... and that Barbecue got his nickname from the fact that his mom sold grilled meat. But all means are necessary to smear a man who understood that only a revolution, a real one, would save Ayiti.


His only fault is being right.

The violence of the oppressed is the direct consequence, or rather the product, of that of the oppressors. The rage of the poor stems from the indecent, insolent wealth of the elites. And if revolutions are always violent, it's because the powerful of this world always want to have it all, and leave the people nothing but hunger and despair.

in the final analysis, they always resort to violence, to defend their murders, their thefts, their rapes, their denials of justice, their transgressions, and their oppressions, under the pretext that the oppressed, having finally identified the authors of their misery, resort to the only argument that these deaf people hear: the sinister and murderous whistle of bullets.

War is cruelty and you can't refine it, said American general William Tecumseh Sherman, a man who knew what he was talking about, having eviscerated the slaveholding South. And our founding father Jean-Jacques Dessalines, before him, had said in his laconic Koupe tèt boule Kay... War is not made in lace, and civil wars are always the most ruthless, the most ferocious, the most cruel.

That the oppressed, when they rise up, commit crimes and exactions, stems from all the crimes and exactions that insensitive and inhuman oppressors have inflicted on them for generations. The worst of which is hunger.

Try going a week without eating, and you'll understand what I mean.


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted April 21, 2024