Democracy Now! interviews Mark Schuller, Vox Sambu, Jean Saint-Vil on situation in Haiti

According to the UN-sponsored Haiti Reconstruction Fund, only two countries—Brazil and Estonia—have fully paid their pledged amount. The United States, France, Canada and many others have failed to meet their pledges. Only a fraction of the $5.3 billion in aid promised to Haiti at the UN Donors Conference in New York on March 31 has been delivered. Calls are now growing for another form of payment to Haiti: reparations. This week, a group of prominent academics and activists published an open letter calling on France to repay an "independence debt" it imposed nearly 200 years ago after Haiti successfully won independence from France. See today's program for interviews on these stories with Mark Schuller, Vox Sambu and Jean St-Vil.

Interview with Mark Schuller, just returned from Haiti, and excerpts from Al Jazeera report, 29 minute mark. Democracy Now!, August 17, 2010.

Interviews with Vox Sambou and Jean Saint-Vil, 44 minute mark. Democracy Now!, August 17 2010.