On the eve of February 7 the "Collectif du 30 Janvier" says it has had no discussions with PM Ariel Henry

By Lenz Beth Ferlyn Alparète, Juno7, Jan. 18, 2024

In a memo dated January 18, 2024 and signed by former senator Edgard Leblanc Fils, the Collectif des partis politiques signataires de la déclaration du 30 janvier (January 30 Collective) denounced propaganda orchestrated by the ruling power around allegations of negotiations led by Prime Minister Ariel Henry. The Collectif also underlined that it has had no discussions with Prime Minister Ariel Henry on a solution to the crisis on the eve of February 7, 2024.

The January 30 Collective is made up of the GREH, LAPEH, MOPOD, OPL, PITIT DESALIN, PHTK and UNIR political parties. The memo states that this campaign by the head of the Haitian government is unhealthy, and aims to distract from his unsuccessful attempts to subordinate opposition figures through advanced negotiations.

"The de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry, in bad faith and cynicism, deliberately boycotted the negotiations for a way out of the crisis conducted in November 2023 with the good offices of the CARICOM's Eminent Persons Group".

In addition, the January 30 Collective took the opportunity to point out that under article 20 of the December 21 accord the interim period covered by Henry ends on February 7, 2024, and to fill the vacancy it is imperative to put in place an Executive in line with the spirit of the 1987 Constitution.


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted Jan. 20, 2023