Garry Conille: “we are going to take back the country, city by city, neighborhood by neighborhood”

By Daniel Zéphyr, Gazette Haiti, June 26, 2024

Prime Minister Garry Conille, accompanied by the Minister of Justice, Me Carlos Hercule, and the Director General of the PNH, Rameau Normil, visited the first contingent of the multinational security support mission (MSS) on Wednesday, June 26, 2024. Conille promised the recovery of the country "city by city, neighborhood by neighborhood."

It was in Clercine this Wednesday that Prime Minister Garry Conille went to meet the first contingent of the MSS which landed yesterday Tuesday at Toussaint Louverture international airport.

With this gesture, Garry Conille wanted to demonstrate the solidarity and recognition of his government and the Haitian people to the MSS.

In the presence of the head of the Kenyan delegation, Dr Monica Juma, the head of government reiterated his firm will and determination to do everything possible, with the support of MMAS, to restore peace and security. security in Haiti.

"We are going to take back the country, city by city, neighborhood by neighborhood," promised Garry Conille. He also announced that measures have been taken to improve working conditions for police officers.

Nearly 400 soldiers landed in Haiti yesterday. The country is expected to receive other contingents in the coming days or weeks. 


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted June 29, 2024