Gheskio, The infectious diseases center In Haiti’s bicentenaire neighborhood Is set ablaze

By Haitian Times, June 7, 2020

A fire, whose cause remains unknown, devastated the electrical generation installations of the Gheskio centers during the night of Sunday June 7 to Monday June 8. 

According to an official who makes an overall assessment of the fire, no casualties have been reported.

Founded and directed by the infectiologist Jean William Pape, the Gheskio (Haitian grouping for the study of Kaposi’s sarcoma and opportunistic infections) was one of the first institutions to engage in the battle against HIV in the early 1980s It is also today part of the institutions which fight against the Covid-19.

In recent months, there has been anger aimed at infectious disease centers in Haiti like Ghekio as people have been denying the existence of the Coronavirus pandemic in Haiti. Instead, people talk of having a “fever” refusing to acknowledge that their illness might be related to the Coronavirus. 

So far, Haitian authorities have reported more than 3000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 51 deaths. 


Posted June 8, 2020