The Great CARICOM Bluff

By Isabelle Papillon, Haiti Liberté, Dec. 14, 2023

Translated by Black Agenda Report Staff


The presence of CARICOM in Haiti to mediate talks is believed to be merely a smokescreen to further deceive the popular masses and continue the ruin of the country.

Since the arrival of the CARICOM Group of Eminent Personalities in Haiti on Wednesday, December 6, the country has been in dialogue mode. A dialogue of the deaf to continue the masquerade of negotiations under the pretext of achieving a government of compromise or understanding between the different protagonists of the political class, particularly those in the de facto power of Prime Minister Ariel Henry and those who claim to of the opposition.

To coax the naive or undecided into these negotiations, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and Brian A Nichol's, US Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, each brought their support for Caricom's efforts to help Haitian actors reach a political agreement.

Brian A Nichol’s in a tweet indicated “The United States welcomes the return of the Caricom Eminent Persons Group to Haiti. We continue to support efforts to reach consensus on a political path forward and encourage all stakeholders to use this visit to advance constructive dialogue in the interest of the Haitian people.

However, when we hear about negotiations, it is pure bluff. This is not an activity during which serious issues concerning the future of the country will be discussed. Themes on the environment, education, agriculture, health, elections, misery, poverty and the phenomenon of insecurity which is spreading to all corners of the country. In fact, until Thursday December 14, 2023, this meeting will be held with a view to facilitating an agreement between the political protagonists, for a solution to the crisis.

In reaction to the reactions of his so-called adversaries who demand not only a two-headed Executive but also without Prime Minister Ariel Henry, André Michel of the Agreement of December 21 opted in favor of a Union Government and enlargement of the High Transitional Council (HCT).

On Monday, December 11, Ariel Henry participated in the dialogue, because he has the guarantee from the imperialist powers and emissaries that he will remain firm in office and will be part of any solution found in the negotiations.

In short, there is nothing to expect from the current talks which are only a bluff to further deceive the popular masses and continue the ruin of the country.

It doesn't matter if the executive is two or even four headed, with or without Prime Minister Ariel Henry, it would be the same, the same.

But what is at work at the Montana Hotel looks much more like a reconciliation meeting between brothers and sisters of the political class that has nothing to do with the future of the nation. Given the setting and the progress of the meeting, we are more in a sort of sharing of cake and the honey of power between the rascals, the petty ones under the arbitration and observation of Caricom personalities.

Some parties withdrew from this last end-of-year meeting since the emissaries did not follow up on their recommendations. The signatories of the Montana agreement, a significant weight in the sharing in a note did not fail to criticize the Caricom emissaries. They indicate that his submitted agreement approaches are part of a framework of strengthening and legitimizing the regime in place taking up the cause of Ariel Henry to the detriment of the position of other actors.

The absence of Montana and other organizations such as the Dessalinian Popular Patriotic Movement (MOPOD) did not shake the meeting process and negotiations which continue under the mediation of the CARICOM Group of Eminent Personalities.


Posted Jan. 7, 2023