Haiti continues reforestation drive, plans two million new seedlings

Tree seedlings planted in Galet, June 2012.jpg

Photo Caribbean Journal

Caribbean Journal, June 6, 2012
Haiti President Michel Martelly visited an environmental project Tuesday, promising that Haiti would plant two million seedlings in the country by September. Martelly was observing a pilot project in Galet involving the reforestation of ravines.

It is part of continued work by the National Organization of Young Professionals to Save Haiti, which has been undertaking

environmental management projects in the area. “Besides environmental management, the operation undertaken by the ONJPSH will provide economic benefits,” Martelly said. “It opens up interesting jobs in the short, medium and long term for residents of the area.”

The environment is one of the so-called five “E”s named as priorities by his administration. Those include education, the environment, employment, energy and the Rule of Law, which begins in French with an “e.” (etat de droit)

About 800 seedlings were planted Tuesday in Galet. The reforestation project is being funded by some of Haiti’s international partners with support from the country’s Ministry of Environment.

According to the government, 1,345 people have benefited from the treatment of the Capitaine Louis ravine in Morne L’Hopital, at a cost of $178,000. The plan includes the introduction of perennial roots including vetiver and bamboo, along with the introduction of farms aimed at expanding production capacity in several agricultural fields.

Haiti will also treat 27 watershed areas as part of the environmental management campaign, according to the president.