An interview with MOLEGHAF's Ezayi Jules

By Danny Shaw, Africa Stream, March 12, 2024

African Stream sat down with Ezayi Jules, a Haitian from the organisation MOLEGHAF (National Movement for Liberty and Equality of Haitians for Fraternity) - to discuss the recent events surrounding the Caribbean island. In particular, we talked about the Kenyan government's push (stalled in the High Court) to deploy police officers on a US-funded (and US-proposed) security mission to Port-au-Prince.

Analysing the geopolitical dynamics behind that push, Ezayi connected Haiti’s present woes to the aftermath of its liberation from slavery - arguing that the nation is still being punished for taking freedom into its own hands. He urges Africans interested in contributing towards Haiti's liberation to act today. We learned a lot. Let us know your reaction to what he has to say.

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Posted March 14, 2024