A list of 14 supposed criminal families, a president assassinated, kidnappings engulf Haiti

By Jean Jafrikayiti Saint-Vil, Jafrikayiti, Oct. 4, 2022

Did you know… there exists a letter addressed to now-deceased former “president” of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, dated April 5, 2021, which bears the signatures of two high-level officials of Michel Martelly’s Parti Haitien Tèt Kale (PHTK) regime, whereby the names of 14 families and specific lead individuals are identified as illegal arm smugglers?

Below are the English and Kreyòl translations of the transcribed original French text.

CHIP editors note: The French & Kreyol translations are available on Jafrikayiti.com

To our knowledge, since the document began circulating on social media, no Haitian official or representatives of the maligned families and/or individuals have spoken to confirm or deny authenticity of the actual document nor the grave accusations it contains. It is important to also recall a December 12, 2021 article by the New-York Times which spoke about an elusive list of “drug traffickers” which puppet Haitian president Jovenel Moïse was supposedly keeping in the rented Pèlerin 5 residence, where the July 7, 2021 murder occurred.

On the Haitian front, PHTK and its allied oligarchs remain prime suspects in the Moise assassination and multiple other crimes committed in Haiti over the past decade. Many keen observers of Haitian politics posit that, although totally rejected by the Haitian people, PHTK and its foreign-rooted oligarchs manage to hold onto violently- and- illegally-secured political-and-economic powers thanks to unflinching US backing – which many say might soon involve Yankee boots on the ground to placate the revolted impoverished Black masses (as occurred several times in Haitian history).

Meanwhile, the results of much talked about US and Haitian investigations into the Moise assassination (he died alone) – in which several American citizens stand accused (including DEA informants), remain elusive to this day.

Subject: 14 families trafficking firearms and ammunition in Haiti since August 2009.

His Excellency,

The Ministry of the Interior and Territorial Collectivities (MICT) in agreement with the intelligence service, the National Police of Haiti, the central direction of the judicial police (DCPJ) and the national commission for disarmament, dismantling and reintegration (CNDDR) has the honor to submit to you confidentially the list of 14 families illegally trafficking firearms and ammunition in large quantity under the basis of their political and economic influence from 2010 to date on the national territory:

1. BAUSSAN : Madame Elsa Baussan

2. HANDALL: Monsieur Stanley Handall

3. BIGIO: Monsieur Robert E. Bigio

4. ACRA: Monsieur Marc-Antoine Acra

5. ABDALHA: Monsieur Sheriff Abdalha

6. ZUREICK: Monsieur Allan Zureick

7. TUNISS: Eliande Tunis

8. BONNEFIL: Monsieur Reynold Bonnefil

9. AL RAYES: Monsieur Nihad Al Rayes

10. CELESTIN: Monsieur Rony Celestin

11. FOUCAND: Monsieur Hervé Foucand

12. LAMOTHE: Monsieur Laurent Lamothe

13. LARCO: Madame Suzette F. Larco

14. APAID: Monsieur Andy Junior Apaid

N.B.: the majority of firearms and ammunition arrived in Haiti by sea in "containers" containing products and goods for supermarkets (markets), large food companies; materials/equipment for the construction of large private houses.

The Ministry of the Interior and Local Authorities (MICT) asks you to receive, His Excellency, this confidential list, for legal follow-up.

yours faithfully...

Amos Zéphirin, Director General Seen and approved by: Louis Gonzague E, Day, Minister


Posted Oct. 30, 2022