Miragoâne: Citizens applaud the work of Commissioner Jean Ernest Muscadin

By Press Lakay, March 1, 2023

The citizens of the Nippes department are reacting to the work carried out by Commissioner Muscadin in the department, particularly in the town of Miragoâne. These citizens met in the Berquin station on Monday, February 27, 2023, and made no secret of their satisfaction. Thanks to the Commissioner's work, there are problems that the Nippes region does not have," they said.

Since taking up his post in Nippes Commissioner Jean Ernest Muscadin has brought peace to the department, which was experiencing a resurgence of insecurity, following a wave of Haitians driven out of Port-au-Prince taking refuge in the department, said a motorcycle driver.

"There are areas in the Nippes department that were already strongholds for armed men. This is the case in Chalon. In this area, gangs controlled national highway number 2. Since Muscadin's arrival they've disappeared from the radar," explained the biker. A position shared by Cange and Anderson, who sell fried food ( Banann ak Taso) to passerbys. According to them, Muscadin has already won the hearts of the people of Nippes.

"We want him. We want him to stay with us as long as possible. We want him. Thanks to him, Nippes can rejoice that they have no armed groups. The department is really a cemetery for bandits. And those who have dared to come here have been arrested or executed. We think he should continue in this vein", replied these two citizens, when asked if they were satisfied with the work of the Government Commissioner in the town. To those who denounce the commissioner's excesses, they responded in the following terms:

"Those who don't want to see the commissioner, or who criticize his work, should be investigated to find out whether their criticisms are well-founded. If you have peace of mind, you can't blame Commissioner Muscadin," clarified Anderson.

Jean Ernest Muscadin, a jack-of-all-trades

Criticized for taking the lives of a number of gang members, Commissioner Muscadin continues to serve the Nippoise community, despite the criticism. Those interviewed in Berquin say they see Jean Ernst Muscadin as a useful government commissioner. Muscadin stands out in the passport dossier.

"Since the announcement of the Biden program, the commissioner has first of all taken measures to secure the area and propose strategies to protect the rights of the population. He has warned all those who want to squeeze money out of the population. Fake agencies are all been uncovered. He even arrested a man who was in possession of several documents belonging to private individuals. Other citizens who were making a mess of things were also arrested," explains Cangé.

The Miragoâne native adds that Muscadin takes care of everything that happens in his jurisdiction. He only has time for the people he is called to serve. He's everywhere and in everything," he added.

They don't want transfers, let alone dismissals

As they say in sport, you don't change a winning team. For some citizens of Nippes, Jean Ernest Muscadin is the team. No changes should be made.

The commissioner's actions have given rise to much debate in recent days, especially after he allegedly executed a suspected bandit from Port-au-Prince.

Human rights organizations, including the Foundation Je Klere, have called for Commissioner Muscadin to be dismissed for failing to respect human rights.

But Jean Ernest Muscadin is widely regarded as one of the most effective government commissioners in the Republic. Any attempt to remove him from office would be risky, and although the Minister Bertho Dorcé summoned him, no action was taken before the Minister's dismissal.

Translated by CHIP editors


Posted July 7, 2023