Montana Accord: The National Transitional Council and candidates react to the withdrawal of Fanmi Lavalas delegates

By Herve Noel, Rezo Nodwes, January 29, 2022

While some candidates wish "Bon vent" to the political party Fanmi Lavalas after having withdrawn their delegates from the National Transitional Council (CNT), others deplore this defection considered as a void for the electoral process.

Less than 24 hours before the elections of an interim President and Prime Minister elects, the political organization "Fanmi Lavalas" announced their withdrawal from the CNT. On Saturday, Joël Edouard (Pasha) Vorbe and Jodson Dirogène, Lavalas' two delegates on the CNT, withdrew from the council. .

Lavalas criticized the leadership in CNT for not taking certain factors into account. 

For the leader of the Socialist Alternative (ASO), Jean Hénold Buteau, the withdrawal of the “Fanmi Lavalas” delegates will have no impact on the electoral process. The doctor acknowledges the commitment of Lavalas delegates in the implementation of the "transition of rupture", hopes that the leaders of this political formation reconsider their decision.

Steven Benoit, the former senator from the West, criticized the withdrawal of the Lavalas in the context of the Montana Accord. He underlined the importance of their votes in the CNT election for interim President and Prime-Minister. 

The signatories of the election the for interim president and prime minister under the the Montana Accord believe this is a major turning point in the advent of the disruptive transition..

Forty-four CNT Delegates must vote for a president among the 6 contenders (2 aspirants to the Presidency and 4 to the Prime-Minister).

At this stage, the CNT has not yet officially received the official position of Fanmi Lavalas on the withdrawal of these two delegates. James Beltis, president of the CNT and Ginette Chérubin, member of the Agreement Monitoring Office (BSA), were careful not to react to the decision pending official notification from Fanmi Lavalas.


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted April 23, 2023