New Report on Cholera and Foreign Responsibility, by Mark Schuller of CUNY and UEH

"Mete Ko Veye Ko": Foreign Responsibility in the Failure to Protect Against Cholera and Other Man-Made Disasters

By Mark Schuller, PhD; York College, CUNY and Université d'etat d'Haiti

Published on January 22, 2011. Report attached here as a pdf.

From the Executive Summary:

This study is a follow up to the report, “Unstable Foundations,” that resulted from six weeks of research during the summer of 2010. It argued that despite the billions in aid pledged to Haiti, most of Haiti’s estimated 1.5 million IDPs lived in substandard conditions. For example, seven months following the earthquake, 40.5 percent of IDP camps did not have access to water, and 30.3 per-cent did not have toilets of any kind. These lack of sanitation services were the prime breeding grounds for illnesses just like cholera, which struck Haiti with great force. As of the end of the year, there were an estimated 170,000 cases of the illness and 3600 deaths...