Revolutionary Notes from the Western Front

By Shaka Shakur, Black Agenda Report, June 5, 2024

The international liberation struggles of colonized people in nations like Haiti, Palestine, as well as Indigenous nations on land stolen by the U.S., are inextricably linked to the struggle for the liberation of New Afrikan people.

Amerika has never dealt with its original sin of Colonial Genocide and Structural Settler Racism. Instead, it has moved to placate, pacify and co-opt New Afrikan/Black folks into its own structural system of oppression and neo-colonialism.

New Afrikan people represent an oppressed nation, an exploited nation where the means of production and ability to produce and sustain itself, the ability to meet the needs of its people and community has been seized by a foreign entity. This genocidal seizure was to be in the interest of creating the amerikan settler state, that later, on the surface, has created this false impression of a multicultural democracy.

You don't get to impose a constitution upon a conquered people, you do not get to amend a people into a constitution that you once deemed as 3/5th human. You do not get to impose a second-class citizenship upon a people and call it Freedom, as if all has been forgiven.

Freedom for New Afrikan people represents Independence, Land, Autonomy and the ability to be self-determining in creating its own destiny and national identity. It means being able to dictate and sustain the quality of life for our people. It means being able to not only govern Ourselves, but create institutions that meet the needs of Our people, Our children and have a direct impact upon Our material world/existence and the quality of Our lives.

It means being able to reverse some of the negative social ills impacting Our community in the areas of healthcare, economic empowerment and economic independence. It means that we are no longer being forced to contribute billions of our dollars to an economy that is controlled by a government that has proven again and again not to function in Our collective best interest, a government that refuses to reinvest our own tax dollars back into Our community or Our people, especially Our children or youth.

It means being able to put a stop to a lot of the reactionary and homicidal violence that exists in Our community. It means being able to stop and reverse the chemical and biological warfare being visited upon Our communities. It means ending and reversing the mass incarceration and current practice of harvesting and ethnic cleansing of black and brown bodies out of Our communities and processing them into the Prison Industrial Complex.

We are not separatists. We are revolutionary nationalists which is very different from being reactionary nationalists. As an enslaved people once deemed chattel slaves by the u.s. government, as a conquered and neo-colonized people, based on international law, We were never allowed to declare Ourselves free and independent. We have never been allowed through a legal entity or democratic process to declare our Nationality and National Identity and have it recognized and binding by this government. Nor have we been afforded reparations to make up and atone for the 400+ years of bondage, servitude, exploitation, and genocide perpetrated against New Afrikan people by this neo-fascist and neo-colonial government. Therefore We continue to wage the struggle of war and resistance for Land, Independence and Socialism first begun by Our ancestors when the first settlers stepped off the boats and arrived on the shores of Afrika. We salute, champion and continue that tradition from one generation to the next.

As I tune into corporate-controlled media and I see all of these young people and others who have suddenly discovered that genocide not only exists but is being perpetrated against the Palestinian people by Israel, I can't help but ask do you not see the Genocide that has been and is being carried out against New Afrikan/Black folks in modern day Babylon?! Genocide that is being carried out on the shores of the North American continent?

We are Pro-Palestine liberation, just as We are Pro-Haitian, Pro-Darfur and Pro-Sudanese liberation, but We are also Pro-New Afrikan Liberation. You do not have to look outside of the u.s. borders to denounce genocide. You have wars and struggles of National Liberation right here on this north amerikkkan continent. The thousands upon thousands of native and Indigenous people being wiped off of this earth, the womyn being disappeared and slaughtered from their communities that no one wants to acknowledge or talk about for example. The tens of thousands of black and brown bodies being fed into the prison industrial complex prevent Our ability to reproduce or serve Our people and/or communities.

Revolution Starts At Home!!!
We Challenge You To Broaden The Struggle!!!

May 17th, 2024

Shaka Shakur


Shaka Shakur is a New Afrikan political prisoner. For more information on Shaka’s case and how you can donate to his legal fund and sign the petition demanding his release, go to  .


Posted June 9, 2024