Sanctioned by Canada, businessman André M. Apaid protests

By Haiti Libre, July 28, 2023

Sanctioned by Canada businessman André Apaid in a note, reacts strongly to the measures imposed by Canada against him and categorically rejects all accusations and suspicions of contributing to the climate of insecurity raging in Haiti.

"If I take the trouble to write this note, it is by concern that I be understood by my compatriots, my collaborators and my family, in the light of the incomprehensible press release issued by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada Madame Mélanie JOLY, placing me on a list of sanctioned [...]

I am a committed Haitian-American citizen and my position for a peaceful resolution of the serious crisis that my country is going through, Haiti, is well known to political actors and those of civil society.

On the question of gangs and disarmament: each of Canada's ambassadors since 2004, with the exception of the one in place, Mr. Sébastien Carrière, whom I have not met, has witnessed my efforts and my contribution. This is also the case for most ambassadors of friendly countries and United Nations representatives and their staff. I confirm that, as a team, with representatives of Human Rights, religious leaders and credible and courageous personalities from civil society, we have taken steps, at least 4 times, to bring the gangs to submit to a process of disarmament. In 2004, specifically, accompanied by the Minister of Justice, the Chief of Police and 2 senior international military officers from the United Nations, following a negotiation held on my initiative, at my office, 9 gang leaders accepted as a first step, to deposit 10 weapons each in front of the police authorities, and this without condition (ref. the newspaper LA NATION of February 17, 2004). Subsequently, after the resurgence of gangs, on 3 occasions, and at the request of two 2 police chiefs, aware of our previous efforts, accompanied by the same personalities from Human Rights, religion and Civil Society, and after exchanges and encouragement from several ambassadors from the international community, we were trying again. We knew that the chances were low but we all threw ourselves in the water in front of the collapse that our country was experiencing and after the PNH found itself in great difficulty (example: the incidents of village of God - March 2021). Furthermore, I affirm that all of our companies and my family have maintained a strict and courageous policy of not contributing money or goods to armed groups, and this at the cost of enormous risk for our collaborators and my sons, whom I am extremely proud.

To all my compatriots, I reiterate that my heart remained in its right place, especially on the issue of removing weapons from the hands of our young people and holding good elections in order to give our country a chance to recover. Job creation is what I mainly wanted to contribute, even though many have criticized me for not having followed the path of politics. To Madame Joly, Minister of a country where the rule of law applies, I would like her to verify her sources and the facts. I categorically reject any accusations or suspicions of contributions to the climate of insecurity or corruption otherwise incompatible with the type of jobs that we have been offering our compatriots for decades, in partnership with serious Canadian and American companies.

As a businessman pursuing a 71-year-old family tradition, we have endeavored to help create tens of thousands of jobs despite the serious problems suffered by our companies and our employees working in the industrial and agricultural sectors, which are the first to be affected in the event of social unrest and instability.

Currently on land belonging to the Déjoie family confiscated in 1957 and handed over by the Haitian Government on March 25, 1986 (Monitor no. 28), we have initiated a vast agricultural project in the central plateau (250 million dollars ) which benefit the farmers and the inhabitants of the area and whose effects will be of a certain contribution to the country with the creation of more than 20,000 jobs over the next 7 years. Donations of land to farmers, to the town hall of St Michel de l'Attalaye for the opening of a high school and a market (financed by the World Bank), as well as for the opening of a school for Excellence in construction, planning to offer full scholarships to 250 young people in the area, partially represents the social efforts underway in this project.

The announcement of this incomprehensible measure by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada will harm the development of this project, the expected jobs and will deepen the suffering of the most vulnerable.

This is unfortunately a serious blow to the job creation and social efforts that motivate us. However, with prayer, the help of God, my family and our collaborators, I will continue to fight to contribute to the good and the good supplanting the difficulties of our country."

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Posted July 7, 2023