SDP activists block Guy Phillippe's march through Léogane

By Amitié FM, Jan. 14, 2024

Guy Philippe, the former rebel leader behind the ousting of Jean Bertrand Aristide from power in 2004, was unable to hold his speech and march through the streets of Léogane. This contrasts his recent visits to Gonaïves and Ouanaminthe where Philippe had received an enthusiastic welcome from residents. 

Informed of his presence in the city of Anacaona for a meeting due to be held on Sunday January 14, SDP activists took to the streets and thwarted Phillippe's plans. Philippe was recently released after serving 7 years in prison in the United States for drug trafficking, money laundering, and other offences. 

This peaceful protest was the initiative of an organization called MOLIREG, a member of the Democratic and Popular Sector and a signatory to the September 11 and December 21 agreements. Carrying placards, militants hurled condemnations at Philippe, who, they claimed, was not welcome in the city of Anacaona.  

Romane Pierre, Secretary General of MOLIREG and a member of the SDP, said Haiti needs a revolution. He argues it cannot, however, be led by someone who has been convicted of drugs and money laundering, and accused of several assassinations. 

"We took to the streets on Sunday January 14 to defeat Guy Philippe in Anacaona. It is abnormal that honest citizens such as André Michel are constantly pilloried for their sincere commitment to the country, while others are honoring a murderer and drug dealer. This has got to stop", he insisted.

The day before, many citizens mobilized to welcome Phillippe to the city of Anacaona. Romane, who expressed his satisfaction at having preventing the demonstration in the town of Léogâne.   According to Romane, the demonstraton was organized by Philippe's supporters, including former deputy Wilson Hypolite, Léogane's interim executive agent Ernson Henry, and agents from the Protected Areas Security Brigade (BSAP).

From now on, Guy Philippe is persona non grata in the city of Anacaona.

Romane said that "it's not just the Palmes region. From now on, Guy Philippe must not be allowed to invest in any other city in the country. If he intends to do so, we will do everything legally possible to stop him". "Lè yon nonm vòlò oubyen dilè dròg se nan prizon pou w ale". 

MOLIREG was not alone

This Sunday's protest movement benefited from the participation and support of a panoply of activists and consequent personalities in almost the entire Palmes region. These include vice-delegate Emmanuel Lambert, former deputy mayor of Léogâne Pierre Fortuné and political activist Rilnor Acao, a native of Petit-Goâve who denounced Guy Philippe involvement in the 2004 coup. 

"This notorious criminal killed innocent people, including pregnant women, children, and even police officers on duty", Rilnor claimed. 

Rilnor went on to explain that "Guy Philippe deserves to be judged for the crimes he has committed in the country. This drug dealer has neither the legitimacy nor the capacity to solve the country's problems".

Activists address the Prime Minister

At the same time, Romane took the opportunity to address Prime Minister Ariel. With a view to facilitating a return to constitutional order and the restoration of peace in the country. Romane, who is also a member of Fanmi Lavalas, asked the head of government to make every effort to form a government of national unity and a new CEP to organize general elections. He also encouraged the deployment of the Multinational Security Support Mission to counter gangs.


Posted Jan. 27, 2024