Signatories to the December 21 Accord call on the UN to take urgent action on the multinational force to assist the PNH

By Juno7, Sept. 17, 2023

In a press release published on Sunday September 10, signatories to the December 21 Accord denounced the climate of insecurity prevailing in the country and reiterated the government's call to the United-Nations for the creation of a robust multinational force to assist the PNH in the fight against armed bandits who are causing the crisis.

This request echoes the recent steps taken by the head of BINUH and Special Representative of the Secretary-General, María Isabel Salvador, towards the Latin American countries to find participants for this international force. The Haitian Chancellor, Jean Victor Généus, will travel to the UN to take part in a meeting to be held on September 15 on the issue of the multinational force in support of the PNH.

In a note authenticated by Edmonde Supplice Beauzile of FUSION and Marjory Michel of KOLEKTIF FANM ANGAJE POU AYITI, the allies of the current government are more concerned about the crisis of insecurity and the suffering of the population. They described the country as a place where fundamental human rights and the rule of law are no longer respected.

The signatories of the December 21 Accord therefore called on the forces of law and order to carry out their mission of protecting the lives of all the country's citizens; they also asked customs to become more vigilant at blocking weapons and ammunition arriving at airports, ports and border points.

In addition, the signatories of the December 21 Accord invited all sectors of the country to take part in the dialogue process. Consensus is the best way to get the country out of this crisis, they say. 


Translated by CHIP editors


Posted Sept. 17, 2023