Toronto Star reverses course on Haiti

Vancouver BC
April 10, 2011

Hello Star Editor,

Your editorial of April 9 welcomes and endorses the result of the election of Michel Martelly to the presidency of Haiti. But your editorial of November 30, 2010 called the first round of this vote a "fraud" and said it should be scrapped in favor of a new and fair election.

You had it right the first time. Less that 25 percent of Haitians voted in the two rounds of this electoral exercise. It was organized so as to produce a desired result, namely that one or another right wing candidate emerge victorious while the voice of sovereignty and social justice be excluded.

A mockery of justice and democracy has been perpetrated in Haiti, courtesy of nearly $30 million of foreign funding of the exercise. Haiti now has a president with little legitimacy and with ties to Haiti's Duvalierist past.

You can bet that the democratic uprising in the Middle East is being closely studied in Haiti. Haitians will not be further marginalized for long.

Roger Annis