Wanted by the PNH, Jimmy Cherizier works alongside police officers to distribute rations.

By Rezo Nodwes, April 2, 2020

The Direction Générale de la Police Nationale d'Haïti (PNH) has so far not contested the video showing gang leader Jimmy Cherizier alias Barbecue, who is wanted by the PNH, helping to distribute dry rations alongside police officers in Delmas 6.

The government has, for once, kept its promise to use "community leaders" in these distributions, which have the air of pre-electoral campaigning and elevator returns.

The footage filmed on Wednesday April second shows the much sought-after gang leader Jimmy Cherizier assisting the police distribute dry rations in Delmas 6. The video shocked many by the indifference of police officers.

The surreal scene shows the kingpin clearing a path for law enforcement officers and facilitator operations. Corridors usually occupied by armed men, making them inaccessible to police officers, were opened to the delegation from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MAST) and the Economic and Social Assistance Fund (FAES).

Barbecue is the subject of a wanted notice for various charges.

In reaction to the Delmas 6 show, human rights activists including Pierre Espérance cried foul. The Executive Director of RNDDH spoke of the gang mebers involvement in more than 6 massacres ordered by the authorities. The demonstration at Delmas 6 shows a man who is ignoring the arrest warrants issued against him.


Translated & edited for clarity by CHIP editors


Posted July 9, 2023