The WikiHaiti files: Kim Ives speaks at the University of Manitoba, Jan 26, 2012

Kim Ives U of M Jan 26, 2012.jpg

Kim Ives is one of the founders of the weekly newspaper Haiti Liberté, where he is a writer and editor. He was a lead writer in the newspaper's series of articles in 2011 that were based on U.S. diplomatic cables provided to Haiti Liberté and to The Nation magazine by the Wikileaks organization.

Ives also co-hosts the weekly radio program Haiti: The Struggle Continues, which airs on WBAI 99.5 FM in New York, and a weekly Haitian TV show, produced by Haiti Liberté, entitled Kafou Verite. He has contributed to several books on Haiti including Dangerous Crossroads published by NACLA (1994); The Haiti Files, edited by James Ridgeway (1993); Haiti: A Slave Revolution, published by the International Action Center (2004); and Tectonic Shifts (January 2012).

Kim Ives spoke at the University of Manitoba Jan. 26, 2012. His appearance was sponsored by the University of Manitoba Students Union and the Winnipeg Haiti Solidarity Group. Watch his 50-minute talk here: